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In The New York Times ' latest misguided trend piece, the venerable publication tracks the rise of glamour photos as profile pictures on social media. The piece, When Selfies Won't Do, comes with the brash sub-head, Glamour Photos Replace Selfies for Personal Branding.

Nike Zvezdochka Green Monday US, Times writer Alex Williams spoke to women (all in their mid-30s to 40s) about dropping thousands on professional photo shoots in order to come up with enviable and business appropriate profile pictures for their Google Plus (here's your first warning sign) accounts. The article is filled with gag-worthy quotes, like  ¡§This stuff is isn¡¦t only for J. Lo.  I love being a rock star in my own life.¡¨ Cool, mom.

While may be true that there are times, it seems, when an iPhone and an outstretched arm just won¡¦t do, this hardly means that selfies will be come a thing of the past. Every young person's Facebook feed ever would argue otherwise.

Nike Zvezdochka Green Monday US And that's the issue with the Times article. It's a piece about selfies that doesn't interview the demographic that made selfies a thing. Instead, it focuses on middle-aged women who have the money to drop on professional glamour shots. Does this mean that our Instagram feeds will soon be dominated by the adult version of prom photos? Hardly.

Heidi Margocsy, a photographer who offers empowerment photography for women¡Xyours for the easy price of $1,050 per day¡Xwas interviewed for the article. She doles out this advice:   ¡§People see images of their friends on social media, on Facebook, and think, ¡¥God, I want to look that good.'¡¨ Because that's my first reaction when I see someone's mom with an '80s blow-out making a sexy face in a grassy field.

The New York Times doesn't always hit the nail on the head with their trend pieces, often because their articles read like someone's parent trying to feel hip through his or her grasp on youth culture. Someone should tell The Grey Lady that selfies are here to stay.

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