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Nike Roshe Run, You might be surprised to hear that Neighborhood is a brand that I actually own zero pieces of. Not because they are that expensive or even difficult to find, it's just that I always forget and blow my disposable income on, like, some expensive scarves or something. One time I took my girl out to a fairly nice dinner which involved a bottle of wine and an intermezzo course. It was really good and we had a great time, but then, like, two days later literally every store in the western hemisphere updated their stock with everything I've ever wanted to buy, so I couldn't hold shit because I had wasted that scrilla on a romantic evening with my girl where we shared our hopes and dreams and fears of the future. FUCK THAT NOISE. MY FUTURE WOULD BE A-OKAY IF I COULD BUY A 235 DOLLAR DENIM SHIRT WITH SHOOTING PADS ON THE SHOULDERS. I think I need to get my priorities in order.

Nike Zoom Hypercross Green Monday US,