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Soccer, it's hard for us as Americans to grasp. Like many of you, I've been caught up in the World Cup drinking festivities for the past fews weeks and I must admit, it has been enjoyable. But our team is out of the tourney, David Stern put a hit out on Neymar and this Sunday we will all root for Messi against our sworn historical enemy, the Germans. The world community is teaching us a lesson in humility and, predictably, we're having trouble processing it. I'm as conflicted as you are. Is soccer tight? Maybe it's the pervasiveness of Twitter or the ability to stream games online or the fact that I've been hitting the FIFA on PS4 with the bros, but I'm inclined to think that maybe, yeah, soccer is tight. It might be! Let's explore further before someone goes completely overboard and buys a Man City jersey.

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