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If you've been paying any attention to the collections hitting the runway recently, you may have noticed the color of the season: Fleshy, skin tone hues are sweeping the industry with a smoothness only Aveeno can provide. If the blogger blues and forest greens of previous seasons are any indication, beige is poised to hold down a strong presence in your wardrobe sooner rather than later.

Nike Roshe Run Green Monday US, The color has found its way into high-end labels and streetwear alike. Blog sweetheart and Four Pins favorite Aime Leon Dore dropped beige onto its slim-fitting staples, Rag & Bone added the color to its usual lineup of navy and gray for its best collection to date, Christophe Lemaire integrated taupe tones into his rotation of monochromatic S/S 15 looks and fashion mysterio Stephan Schneider worked some not-quite-brown tones into his typically darker repertoire.

Admittedly, beige is a tough color to work into a single outfit, let alone own a section of an entire wardrobe. So, it's cool to see big and small labels alike accept the challenge and test the waters with their color palettes. Beige possesses the innate ability to make the wearer look either burnt to a fucking crisp or paler than your average high school goth. Most of the time, it'll make you look like a walking mound of flesh, which is why you usually see guys with darker skin tones modeling the pieces. Really, any color close to yellow is hard for an overly white body, such as my own, to pull off, but these recent, subtle beiges with a caramel tint give me hope, as completely unwarranted as that may or may not be.

Nike Air Max, Nike Roshe Run Green Monday US We've all become so attuned to the navy blues, grays and blacks that a switch to something as simple as Kelly green is hailed as innovative. Seeing another color we're not used to is, well, a sight for sore eyes. I for one welcome our new off-white overlords. Now I just have to elevate my tan to something other than whole milk. The age of beige is upon us. Beige boyz unite.