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Complaints about Disney princesses are old news. Belle had Stockholm Syndrome. Ariel gave up her voice to get a man. The list goes on.

Nike Mens Green Monday US, If Walt Disney had the imagination that Canada-based artist Johnni Kok does, however, such grievances would never have been levied, although it¡¦s a safe bet that other ones would have taken their place. In his darkly intriguing series ¡§Kill Team Princesses,¡¨ the artist portrays childhood heroines as cold-blooded, highly trained assassins, armed with knives, machine guns, pistols, and other assault weapons. The juxtaposition between their sweet, damsel-like faces and the potency of their firearms is jarring. One can only wonder what Jasmine would have done to Aladdin if she¡¦d been packing heat.

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