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Colorado-based creative studio AngryBovine  has a very unique office space that isn't in some fancy highrise or private building like most design companies. Instead, they go to work everyday in a redesigned 1991 Silverstreak aluminum trailer unlike anything you've ever seen before.

Nike Kobe 9 High Green Monday US, According to Designboom , AngryBovine founder Jay Ferracane was dissatisfied with corporate environments, office rent, and paid parking, so they eventually came to the conclusion that a trailer would make the perfect working environment. As a designer I thought how ironic it was that not all designers design their own workspaces, Ferracane said in an interview .  We ”„build”¦ stuff for our clients everyday, why isn”¦t it more common to do that for ourselves?

He and his team worked to customize the trailer (which is parked outside of his home) so that they could have electricity for their electronics, sufficient light, work surfaces, a small library, a conference area, and other features in the 300-square-foot space that are both practical and add a bit of style.

Nike Kobe 9 High Green Monday US To see more interior shots of the trailer, hit the Designboom article  here .

[ via Designboom ]

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