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Did you guys miss me yesterday? DID THAT MOKSHA KID ALREADY MAKE ME IRRELEVANT? Well, if you're curious as to why I was absent from class, it's because when I woke up I couldn't get out of bed. And then, when I finally thought I could, I literally fell out of the bed and couldn't get up. I FELL AND I COULDN'T GET UP LOLUn. So then I kinda cried in front of my girl while trying to stand up and then she drove me to the emergency room. After the doctors gave me a shot of a muscle relaxant, a big ol' diazepam pill and a 600mg Motrin and a some hydrocodone I was feeling fucking amazing. My girlfriend then spent the next hour or so taking selfies with me while I was slumped in the hospital bed.

Nike Free Dynamo Green Monday US, Nike Lunar, But, in case you couldn't already tell, your boy is fucking back, writing this while standing up because if I sit down I will spend the rest of the day trying to stand up again. But whatever, this is a quilted hat from A.P.C. , so do with that information what you will and buy it or don't buy it. Diazepam is the best drug in the world, by the way. FAFSA called me this morning about my overdue loans and I was like, Whatever, FAFSA. Hit me up on Twitter, ya fucking dorks. My loan officer wasn't impressed, but, like I said, diazepam.