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How would you describe Nori West 's style? That's the question everyone's been pondering in the 13 months since the daughter of Yeezus was bestowed upon us. In an amazing, read-it-to-believe-it sit-down with Elle magazine, Kim ,  Kourtney and Khloe debate the style identities of North and Penelope Disick . You'd be surprised how relevant and multi-faceted that topic is for a 1 and 2 year-old respectively. The entire exchange having to do with the kids' style was too good to parse down, so here is that portion of the interview in its entirety:

Nike Flex Series Green Monday US, So in terms of kids clothes, do you think that kid should have style? How do you cultivate that style?

Kim:  Absolutely . I think it・s a must. I think that you・ve got to see their personality to know what style they want.

Nike Flex Series Green Monday US Kourtney: The clothes that I had for Mason before he was born ended up being totally different than what his style was once he developed a personality. Once he was even born, I was like .Ugh, this is so not him.・ So many things I didn・t even end up using for him.

Kim: Like North doesn・t really like pink. Like, she・s very neutralKshe doesn・t like prints.

How does old is she now?

Kim: She・s one.

Nike Flex Series Green Monday US She's does she show you?

Kourtney: It・s Kim and Kanye.

Kim: She hasn・t liked it for her whole life.

Nike Flex Series Green Monday US Khloe: Kim and Kanye determine, and that・s what parents do.

Kourtney: Kim and Kanye don・t like pink or prints.

Kim: Kourtney is a full hippie, so Penelope is in like full hippie gear.

Khloe: She・s not a hippie. She・s like very girly.

Kourtney: She・s a girly girl.

Kim: But she・s not. She・s a total hippy girly.

Khloe: She is not a princess girly.

Kim: But North is a princess girly, but in creams. Like a cream textured princess.

Khloe: I would never define North as princess-y.

Kim: Really?

Kourtney: No, never.

Khloe: She・s like badass. Like, I・m North. She・s very confident in who she is. I will say that. And P is like submissive and sweet. North is very sweet, but North is like .Hi,・ like she bosses people around.

Kourtney: Penelope loves to show you her outfit everyday.

Khloe: This is the best interview I・ve ever done.

We could'nt have said it better, Khloe.

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