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Even if it's your girlfriend who does most of the organizing, picnics during the summertime are one of life's greatest joys. Sandwiches, homemade pasta salad, wine disguised in cans of soda, what's not to like? Swiss artists Frank and Patrik Riklin , who also happen to be twin brothers, recognized this much and proceeded to change the game with their revolutionary Bignik , which is a massive picnic blanket, as its name humorously suggests.

Nike Air Total Foamposite Max Green Monday US, The two brothers made the blanket by sewing together 160,000 feet (that's about 30 miles, FYI) of recycled towels, curtains, sheets, and tablecloths, all contributions from the local community. They unveiled their epic installation in Switzerland's city of Stein. Their piece brought out about 1,500 visitors, who came bearing sunscreen and baskets full of noms.

Art has to have a clear function , Patrik has expressed in the past, and his brother shares this belief. It should be experienced amidst life and not be confined to art galleries and museums! The art duo plan to add to the blanket. This year's installation is only 4 percent of what they want to accomplish. They hope to have a blanket as large as 100 football fields by 2040, an epic goal for an epic blanket.

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