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Shepard Fairey has produced a lot of iconic work since his days at RISD in the late ˇ¦80s, ranging from stickers to canvases, murals, T-shirts, and vinyl toys to screen prints. So when it came time for Hennessy to choose a new artist for their V.S Limited Edition bottle series after collaborations with KAWS , Futura , and Os Gemeos , Fairey was a perfect fit.

Nike Air Max Lunar90 Flyknit Chukka Green Monday US, The collaboration had everything to do with their shared values: a never-ending quest for excellence, a love of true craftsmanship, and the perfect balance between tradition and innovation. But in the off-chance that this bottle is your introduction to one of the great American artists of the 21st century, we decided to bring you up to speed.

To only select 30 pieces was a difficult task. These images span Shepardˇ¦s entire career to date, as some are extremely popular and others are a bit more obscure. And if this bottle is any indication of where his future work is headed, heˇ¦s just getting warmed up. Here are  30 Shepard Fairey Pieces You Should Know.

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