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Writer Hanne Steen and photographer Carla Richmond of Herclayheart  created a photo series titled Lovers Shirt that focuses on the c omplexity of the human experience of romantic love through the mundane and universal token of a loverˇ¦s shirt, and the unique expression of the person who wears it to answer the question: W hat is universal when it comes to love and loss?

Nike Air Max Flyposite Green Monday US, The people in the series (mostly women) were asked a series of meditative series of memory-provoking questions   while wearing their ex-lovers' shirts and viewing themselves in a mirror. The participants then engaged in a conversation with Steen and Richmond about their feelings about the garment and their relationships. Anonymous quotes from the conversations were selected and combined into a unending prose-poem, to express the varied and simultaneously universal relationships we have with our loversˇ¦ shirts.

While a few of the participants smiled for their portraits, it appears that there was no shortage of tears shed in front of Richmond's lense. The project page features some very telling quotes by the participants, including this tear-jerker: 

Nike Air Max Flyposite Green Monday US Check out a few of the images above and head to the Herclayheart website for more feels.

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