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According to a new study, dudes are more likely to tell a lie about that latest shopping spree than their lady is. 

Nike Air Max 90 Star Green Monday US, In a 2,000 person study done by  Voucher Cloud,  41 percent of men admitted to actively lying to their partners about recent buys, compared with only 22 percent of women. The study also shows that men are worse at telling these lies with  51 percent of guys admitting to being caught not telling the truth about their spending. Only 34 percent of women said their shopping secrets were revealed. 

Both men and women agreed on one thing in the survey, though. A bout 83 percent of the men and women surveyed said that they were dishonest about their spending to avoid fights (probably a smart move). 

Nike Air Max 90 Star Green Monday US Sometimes she just doesn't need to know how much you dropped at your favorite store . 

Nike Kyrie, [ via Details ]