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When's the last time you actually looked at a cup of coffee? Most people who grab a cup on the way to work only look at the lid when they take it off to add a packet of sugar, but Henry Hargreaves considers the full package, collecting disposable cups with cool designs during his travels around the world. 

Nike Air Jordan Eclipse Green Monday US, In an email to Slate , Hargreaves said that he was interested in the effort that was being put in to design the exterior. I feel the outside is like [a] bookˇ¦s cover, not what matters but part of the overall experience. In curating the collection, he added that he wanted to focus on unique cups...I donˇ¦t care so much for big chains as itˇ¦s design by committee. From Brooklyn to London to Sydney, Hargreaves saved the cups and brought them back to New York to photograph them for his  Coffee Cups of the World Tumblr, where caffeine fiends can also share their favorite designs.

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